About Us

Why Life Pahshala on Earth

We see everyone as the dreamers, innovators and doers that make the world a better place through their life contribution and what they create.

We believe the faster we can show you how to build a Healthy, Wealthy, Happy and Meaningful Life that supports you, your life, Your Profession, Your Business, your family, and around you; the faster you’ll be able to focus your time on making even bigger contributions to the world that will have a lasting impact.

LifePathShala Profile

Life pathshala is the Dream and brainchild of Mr. Hitesh Ghataliya, incepted on 2 nd August 2015 as a Life learning Training center.

Life Pathshala is in the business of providing solutions to everyone across all phases of Life. This is accomplished via providing Education, Experience, Training, Coaching, Mentoring, Motivational Talk and related Life Pathshala Product.

Life Pathshala has glorious history & proven credentials of over 5 years in training and inspiring Student, Teacher, Government Employee, Corporate, Network Marketing Company and Networker. Life Pathshala create Transformation in many lives and create many success stories. Methodology used includes a mix of classroom training, experiential learning, interactive/activity based workshops, individual consulting. The unique differentiator of Life Pathshala has is its insight & focus on driving implementation so that knowledge does not remain as knowledge. We believe and work for Knowledge with visible results. That is Life Pathshala Mantra.

Life Pathshala is endowed with intensely talented & passionate Trainers, Coaches who bring Transformation and Visible Result. Life Pathshala constantly nurtures, manufactures, certifies and upgrades all its employees, including Trainers for creating unique & happy experience & visible Life results for its customers.

Life Pathshala model called L5PS, which maps entire segment of a Life journey from the Currant Stage till Happy stage , based on its experience & tremendous insight , thinking and working .Many problems faced in life by most one for that Life Pathshala has a customized solution, in the form of an educational / transformational program.



    To provide Life Changing solutions to our Client and develop radical shifts in their mindsets and life by enabling everlasting transformation so that they can Achieve Healthy,Wealthy,Happy and Meaningful Life.

    • Always Be a Life Student
    • Always Challenges Status Quo
    • Always Demands Excellence
    • Always speaks and work from Meaningful Experience
    • Always Responsible, Responsive & Result Oriented
    • Always Create Happy Experience
    • Relationship for Life
  • Our Philosophy

    Give away 10X more value, Happy Experience and visible transformation in return. It’s that simple!

Hi Friends,

Welcome to the Happy, energetic, highly crazy World of Life Pathshala.

I believe that Life Pathshala is a DREAM that began on 2th August 2010 The seeds were sown to create an Training Center that would enable, enrich and enlighten individuals to move ahead in their life.

We entered the Training Industry from a Home we were the most sought after JCI Chapter Training. Largely Life Pathshala known for its expertise in delivering customized programs on Student Training, Teacher Training, Government Organization Training...Etc. gradually we covered all skill-based programs.

This is exactly where Life Pathshala comes into picture. The company is 100% committed to the cause of giving Healthy, Wealthy, Happy and Meaningful Life to the Client. The intense facilitation is done through our training programs, personal coaching, workshops, inspirational talks, audios, videos, books, Life Pathshala Family Membership and various other programs. Today we are known as Happiness & Success provider.

Life Pathshala offers an entire Life solution under one roof. We are committed to deliver what we promise. So, become a member of this ever-growing and dynamic Organization and be ingrained in the philosophies of our community known to all as the Life Pathshala Family to build your Life Healthy, Wealthy, Happy and Meaningful.

So come, associate with Life Pathshala and partner with us to progress consistently and achieve all the aspirations, ambitions, visions, dreams and goals of your life. No matter from which corner of the world you come from Life Pathshala Family will always welcome you with open arms.

So, now let the world know you have arrived...!!!

Wish you Healthy, Wealthy, Happy & Meaningful Life…


Chairman N'

Life Student

Hitesh Ghataliya

Life PathShala's Goal

To incorporate the great practices of world experts, be the Model of Learning, Traning, Coaching and consulting in the world. Create 100 million Happy & success stories and become a billion $ company by 2035.

Management n' Coaching Team

Ashvini Kumar

Ashvini Kumar


Ashwanikumar A pioneer in the field of Mind training, Communication skills, Peak performance and hailed by the media as a “Mind Trainer par excellence”.

Sandeep Dave

Sandeep Dave


Leading Innovation Expert from India. Leading Serial Entrepreneur & Start-up Coach and Consultant from India. One of the First Certified Executive Coach from Gujarat.

Shridhar Orpe

Shridhar Orpe


Shridhar is a systematic, cooperative, collaborative thinker and corporate trainer.