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What is coaching and how does it work?

  • Coaching is a profession with a long history, and has now become a firmly established approach of supporting others in achieving what they desire, whether it’s a particular goal or a total lifestyle transformation.

    In fact the original meaning of the word ‘coaching’ is: ‘transporting someone from one place to another.’ In coaching the term refers to moving forward or creating change.

    In practice, coaching is a conversation, or a series of conversations, with a specific purpose: to help the client accomplish their goals or desired change. This may be in personal life, love life, interpersonal relationships, professional life, business, and simply any area you may wish to improve. Such conversation is profoundly different from conversations you have with their friends, acquaintances, or family.

    An effective coach is capable of maintaining the direction of this conversation so it maximally serves you, provides powerful insight, and generates new ideas for action as well as motivation and inspiration. A great coach knows that he or she will serve you the best by telling you not what you want to hear, but what you need to hear, because that is where the most powerful transformations happen.

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Are you not sure about this coaching thing?

  • Coaching is about progress and improvement. If you have come to the conclusion that you have had enough of your situation and you need to change, or that you can do better and are just not sure where to start and what to do, that is a great thing. Wanting to be better is nothing to be ashamed of, and getting help from a professional who can help you do it right and much faster is smart!

    Coaching is about being successful. Do you want to be successful?

    Think of your favourite athlete, top entrepreneur, investor, musician,singer, or someone else successful you admire. Do they have a coach? Would any of them have reached the top level of their expertise on their own? Probably not. Without exaggeration, coaching is a key to success, personal and professional growth.

    If you have or had a business, to make it work you would consult a business, marketing, or sales coach, because you would want to make your business profitable and thriving.

    Your life is literally your business.

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Absolute confidentiality goes without saying. What is said in the session, stays in the session.
For coaching to be effective, honesty and openness are essential. This applies both ways. We can only work with the cards that are on the table. What is hidden cannot be improved and transformed.


Motivation and Encouragement

It happens that clients have momentary doubts about their own capabilities or their mission, or they hit a plateau. It’s natural. In such cases, I help them to quickly get back on track, because we won’t allow a momentary stumble to hinder their progress.
We all have hot buttons and strings that will put us on our feet. These are the things that motivate us. A good coach will recognise these and will press them when necessary. I am that kind of a coach.



Coaching is about exploring new possibilities and about doing things differently.
We all have an extraordinary and unique set of skills, knowledge and resources that can be used to help our progress.
Coaching is about expanding our comfort zone

Principles of


Attentive listening is extremely important. For me to fully understand your situation, and for you to be understood.
Active listening, which is a method of listening with short questions, will allow and encourage you to explore the topic at hand much more deeply.


Future Orientation

Coaching is about your future, it is about looking and moving forward.
Your past is not the determinant of your future.
If the past is explored, then merely for learning and appreciation purposes.



A good coach will provide nonjudgmental support.
I support my clients in and outside of our sessions, via texts, emails and other resources.



There is no Guru.
Everyone’s opinion is valid.
You are the star.