Life PathShala Monthly Motivator

The Secret To Making Your Life Healthy - Wealthy- Happy

Important News For People Who Are :

  • FRUSTRATED… WORK HARD every day,

  • but you have little to show for it. Your Job/business is at a STAND STILL,


  • and you have a pile of UNFINISHED THINGS and DREAM lying around.

  • You Can’t Wait For Success - You Need It NOW

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  • Don’t Wait For Money And Success – Make It Come To You

  • I Can Make You Crazy-Productive


  • Life Pathshala has glorious history & proven credentials of over 5 years in training and inspiring Student, Teacher, Government Employee, Entrepreneur, Corporate, Network Marketing Company, Institute and Club.

  • Methodology used includes a mix of classroom training, experiential learning , interactive,activity based workshops, individual reviews .

  • The unique differentiator of Life Pathshala has is its insight & focus on driving implementation,so that knowledge does not remain as knowledge.

  • We believe and work for Knowledge with visible results.

  • Monthly Motivator is a Yearly Mentorship program that will support you in thinking, acting and living an abundant, Successful and happy life.

  • Monthly Motivator delivers the most critical knowledge,skills, habits and mindset shifts needed to create significant Healthy, wealthy and Happy Life.

  • You absolutely can and will accomplish major things in your Life , Job and Business.

You’ll Discover

  • How to instantly be at the peak of productivity, whenever you need to be
  • How to accomplish more in less time by ignoring most of your workload
  • How to earn more in next Year
  • How to work happily and efficiently
  • How to master any skill you need in under 30 days
  • Secrets of Happy Relationship
  • How to feel fantastic about your work, and happier overall
  • Success Habits
  • High-impact learning
  • High frequency practice and exposure
  • Group Therapy
  • Lifepathshala 5B5 System
  • I want you to take this challenge…
    It’s your time to succeed.
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