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Overcome your fear of public speaking!

Are you a self-conscious and nervous speaker? Is this problem holding you back professionally? Speech anxiety can erode your peace of mind, undermine your confidence, and keep your voice from being heard. In many cases, it can also limit your career.

Through our Effective Public Speaking training workshops we’ll teach you how to conquer your biggest enemy: fear. We’ll provide you with plenty of opportunities to master key verbal and non-verbal skills, and show you how to incorporate essential public speaking techniques such as storytelling, humor, and relevant and effective visual aids into your presentations.

The Topics We'll Cover

• Understanding Your Fear of Public Speaking
• Transforming Negative Thinking into Confidence
• Breathing Techniques for Relaxation and Control
• Using Body Language in Public Speaking
• Focus, Relaxation, and Mindfulness
• Using Positive Visualization
• Reducing Nervousness While Speaking
• Overcome your fear of public speaking
• Teach you to how to make a solid first impression that will command any audience’s attention
• Show you how to develop a presentation that people will remember
• Demonstrate the best way to use visual aids
• Teach you how to engage an audience
• Help you exude confidence in front of a group
• 7 B Secret Formula

Format Key

H - Half Day Training
F - Full Day Training
M- Multi Day Training